International SAP roll-outs, optimization projects, and cooperation in over 80 countries


Is your company small or medium-sized but looking to become an international player? Are you planning to expand your international business, or do you need to perform an ERP implementation abroad?

If you have already set up some international subsidiaries, you may need access to their data. To do so, you will need transparency regarding liquidity and reporting as well as harmonized and integrated business processes. For smooth SAP implementations abroad, you should choose to work with local mid-market experts and trusted advisors.

Axxis Consulting is a member of United VARs, the leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the mid-market. As a Platinum Partner, UnitedVARs is certified with the highest SAP status. This means United VARs is among the leading solution providers in the world with over 10 years of experience, guaranteeing the best service and support for your international roll-out projects, ERP optimization projects, and cross-border nearshoring.



united VARs

At a Glance

  • 45 market-leading SAP solution providers
  • Operating in over 90 countries
  • Over 10,000 SAP midmarket consultants
  • Serving 8,000 customers worldwide
  • 1 of only nine global SAP Platinum Partners worldwide



“As a member of United VARs, we can now provide our customers global support, 24/7 in 365 days a year, with local consultants in over 80 countries. Together we are stronger than one!” – Harald Weinbrecht, CEO of Axxis Consulting


 International Collaboration

United VARs members have implemented over 300 international SAP implementation projects — and more than 8,000 joint projects. Read more about United VARs success stories. Read more now (Link: 


Axxis Consulting is pleased to have joined United VARs in 2018. Watch the video below to see us in action at the Annual meeting at SAP headquarters in Walldorf.



Are you looking for the best partner for your international project? Choose Axxis Consulting and United VARs:

We are multicultural: Your project is a home game for our consultants. With on-site solution providers, we deliver the best local expertise from within each country. We know the respective language and culture, and we are always up-to-date about local & legal requirements and changes.

We are mid-size market leaders: Only hand-selected SAP solution providers are admitted to our alliance. Every United VARs member has many years of experience with SAP projects in the mid-sized industry and in dealing with SAP industry templates.

We are SAP experts: We have multi-industry expertise in over 100 SAP industry solutions and 250 add-ons and have global access to the full SAP portfolio.

We are integration experts: We help you to make your subsidiaries more transparent by integrating business processes, connecting your international customers, and creating consistent reporting procedures.

United VARs is efficient and agile: Our established international project standards and well-proven procedures help to deliver consistent quality and performance across national boundaries. As every United VARs project is a C-level concern, you can count on fast decision-making processes.


United VARs – Stronger than One

United VARs members are independent entities. Each has its own market strategy and solution portfolio, but all work together towards the common goal of making your international projects successful. (LINK Map to

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