Our Range of Services 

Axxis Consulting provides a wide-range of services associated with the selection and implementation of SAP and Oracle solutions. We also have professional and qualified support staff that offer comprehensive and personalized support for your company. Apart from that, we also conduct different training programmes to help meet your needs.


Axxis Consulting is poised to provide your business with advice on selecting IT to suit your needs, and recommending new strategies to help your business grow.


Our professional and experienced team helps you implement your chosen IT solution with minimal disruptions.


With experience in working with the requirements of the different countries within Asia, our consultants are prepared to roll-out your business solution to your subsidiary offices.


Axxis Consulting can provide you with comprehensive and personalized support solutions for SAP as well as Oracle.






SAP Business Strategy
Closing the gap between business and IT is critical to align the overall strategic direction. Business strategy and initiatives must drive the direction and priorities of technology investment. IT capability must enable innovative business strategies and capabilities. Because technology is transforming every organization, you need technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the opportunities.

We help you assess your current environment and business processes in preparation for an IT Roadmap recommendation. We analyze your business processes, identify existing gaps, and establish areas for improvement and potential productivity gains. Our proprietary methodology for strategic IT assessment (SITA® Study) enables you to evaluate your options, prioritize next steps, and helps to align the strategic direction between your business and IT.

To enable the most suitable forward-looking IT architecture, you need to evaluate the best strategic fit to your business environment. We work with to identify your real operational needs, build a business requirements checklist and evaluate potential software solutions.

Our expertise in implementing global IT solutions for companies of all sizes and industries provides us with the background to critically assist you with your business needs analysis. We support you during the evaluation phase with best business practices and in-depth industry knowledge. We help you to ensure a solid IT foundation for your business growth, built upon the most suitable IT environment for your organization.

For your business to grow, you most probably have a strategic business plan, which outlines your planned initiatives, the markets you intend to engage in, and your overall growth strategy. We help you plan your IT environment and create a technology roadmap to enable this growth.

If you plan to operate in new markets, open up new lines of businesses or engage in M&A activities, your IT strategy needs to reflect your business direction, and enable the execution of your plans. We work together with you to develop a roadmap for your IT environment to ensure your execution plans are supported by the right infrastructure at any point in time.

Planning the strategic direction of an IT environment for a growing company can be daunting. You need to strike a balance between budget constraints, desired state-of-the art technology, and current business processes. Any IT decision made will have to be supported by return on investment considerations. For budget to be allocated to allow you to build the IT environment your company needs, you need to justify your proposed solution, and demonstrate tangible and intangible ROI.

At those times we help you as a sounding board and independent advisor to evaluate the various options. We assist you in the justification of the most suitable IT roadmap going forward, develop supporting documents and prepare the necessary board papers. We help you with the relevant buy-in, and ensure you IT vision can be realized.


Our experienced project and program managers have years of experience implementing full-scale ERP solutions at companies of all sizes. We help you establish a program management office to ensure your implementation stays on track, change management is executed in a structured manner, and all stakeholders are updated regularly and continuously.

To ensure the project is executed successfully on time and on budget, we use proven methodologies with templates, clear guidelines, milestones and deliverables. We use clearly defined “stage gates” to transition deliverables from one point to another. Throughout the project we maintain effective relationships with business users to detect and remove potential stumbling block early on. We continuously measure project progress with clear and concise metrics and KPI’s, and engage in proactive risk management to minimize project risk at any point in time.

The actual implementation of any business transformation is a journey from initial kick-off to after go-live support. To execute any implementation we assemble a team of experts across various disciplines, with expertise in both the software to be implemented as well as your industry. As business transformation projects require teamwork and a joint approach to success, we take specific care to address the aspect of cultural fit to your organization.

We have a local team of experts that speak your language, understand your industry and can relate to the unique challenges of your organization. Throughout the project we work with you in a partnership approach and provide the required flexibility to ensure a successful implementation.

One of the key considerations of any larger software implementation is data migration. A successful data migration starts early in the project to avoid problems and potential project delays later on. Too often planning for data migration is left until too late, and the required resources and the difficulty of the migration are frequently underestimated.

As soon as the design of the future software supporting your business transformation is finalized, we provide you with suitable templates to start data cleansing and migration activities. Depending on the size of data to be migrated, a comprehensive data migration strategy will need to be developed taking your unique situation into consideration. Our team will work together with your business users to ensure data is migrated completely and consistently without interrupting business continuity. 

Change Management is one of the most underrated challenges in any implementation. People are busy with day-to-day activities, and are concerned about the impact on software implementation on their ability to perform their job. In addition, software implementation projects usually lead to changes in business processes as part of their objective to raise productivity in the organization.

We help you to manage change as part of our business transformation process. Our approach is hands-on and based on years of experience of business transformation projects. Our methodology to address change management covers the 4 phases of denial, resistance, exploration and commitment. We help you anticipate the psychological effects of business transformation on the people within your organization, and guide your team throughout the entire change management process.

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SAP Software Rollout
If you run a global or regional business, you want to ensure visibility across your organization. In addition, common and standardized business processes are vital for scalability and continuous growth. However, local tax and financial requirements, language considerations and other local peculiarities obstruct in most cases a simple copy / paste approach.

Before the start of any roll-out project, the unique situation of the organization needs to be taken into consideration. Questions such as centralized versus decentralized master data management need to be discussed. Depending on your specific business requirements, we establish together with you the most suitable roadmap, sequence, and approach for a successful software roll-out. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for implementations covering multiple countries. Depending on your organization and your specific business circumstances we evaluate options to decide on the most suitable approach for a multi-country roll-out. Options such as “simplified pilot site”, “highest ROI”, “most representative business site” are taken into consideration and assessed on their viability and chances of success.

As business never is static, the approach will remain flexible to accommodate business changes throughout the roll-out project. External factors may require a different prioritization and sequence as initially planned, and continuous communication between all stakeholders is crucial. Our experience executing roll-out projects across Asia will be invaluable to ensure the appropriate approach is selected to ensure project success.

Depending on the business requirements and the unique circumstances of the organization, we will identify the best mix of on-site and off-site deployment for a regional roll-out. Our experienced team will help you find a balance of local buy-in requirements and project cost considerations. Change management issues as well as data migration concerns will have to be taken into consideration.

Our consulting team has executed business transformation projects all across Asia. We have helped Fortune 500 companies to roll-out SAP from Japan to Australia, and helped local SME’s to integrate their subsidiaries in China and Thailand into one single platform. Our team speaks multiple languages, understands local requirements and cultural issues. We have successfully executed numerous business transformation projects all across Asia in both – off-site and on-site deployment teams.

Knowledge transfer and capability enablement is an integral component of our roll-out methodology. In most cases regionally operating organizations decide to build an internal competence center with the expertise to handle first-level support. In many roll-out projects we take initial lead roles to ensure a successful start. We train the internal team who works hand-in-hand with our experts to see through the first roll-out projects. Subsequent roll-outs are then sometimes lead by the client, and supported by our consulting team.

No matter whether you are a Fortune 500 company intending to build an ITIL®-compliant IT service management support operation to handle all future support requirements in-house, or you are a Singapore based SME and prefer to outsource all support functionality to our certified AMS center – we will work together with you to define the most suitable support operation for your organization.


We have a pro-active approach to problem resolution, as we rather help you prevent problems from occurring as opposed to fixing issues. As such we provide regular health checks on your system. We proactively monitor and optimize your IT performance. Working closely with your internal IT staff, our support experts are able to recognize potential IT issues and help resolve them before they become business problems.

For SAP environments, we use the SAP solution manager to monitor your SAP system. Integrated early-watch and alert functionality enables our support team to act timely and pro-actively . This ensures smooth operation, more satisfied end-users and a stable system environment. 

As your partner, Axxis Consulting offers services to help you maintain and enhance your software to make sure that your solution is always ready to serve you as best as it can. In case of any issues, you can rely on us to help you solve your problems efficiently and effectively. We help you troubleshoot your SAP system, liaise with SAP in the event of system bugs, and implement support packages.

Our application maintenance support team is PCoE certified and delivers cost-effective and customer responsive global support for SAP Business One and SAP Business All-In-One Solutions. We use the SAP solution manager for all maintenance issues to keep track of incidents raised, adherence of SLA’s, and documentation of solutions for future reference, providing you with a proven and independent AMS support tool for ensured business continuity.

Supporting end-users is a difficult task, specifically if you are an SME. You may not have the manpower or the internal skill-set to provide solutions to all the potential issues that arise. In addition, continuously changing business requirements put constant pressure on the IT department to meet the need for quality, predictability and responsiveness.

We can provide 1st Level support and work directly with your end-users for on-going maintenance and user support in the event you do not want to build up internal SAP support competence. Or we complement your internal helpdesk with 2nd level support, supplementing your existing team for complex issue resolutions and enhancements.  

Running SAP as you key business tool can present a formidable challenge for your internal IT department, specifically if you are an SME. To continuously support the changing needs of your organization, you will need people with a broad spectrum of expertise in various modules of the SAP software. To recruit and retain such talent may prove difficult and costly, specifically given the industry-wide shortage of SAP skills.

There is a solution: SAP Application Outsourcing from Axxis Consulting. We can help you as an extended arm of your internal IT department. Our suite of services covers all aspects of SAP support, and can be tailored for your specific needs. Working with Axxis Consulting enables you to increase productivity and quality, focus on your core business and provide reliable support services to your end-users at potentially significantly reduced cost.

Our Training

If you use top tier business software from SAP or Oracle, and you want to build up internal expertise, a customer competence centre or do end user training due to turn-over or a new hire, we can help you! Our training professionals are experts in the chosen software, and will provide your internal team with the skill set required to operate your business solution efficiently.

Training needs assessment
Have your systems not been performing up to expectations? Axxis Consulting can help you assess where things haven’t been going right, so that you are better able to utilise your systems to gain your desired results.
Customised end-user training
After looking at where your needs are, we propose customised training programmes for your end-users so that they learn how to capitalise on the potential of your business solutions, in their specific roles.
In-house project team training
Have a new team put to work on a new project? Let us help you train them to utilise your chosen solutions with efficiency and ease, so that you maximise the potential of your systems.
Training Schedule
We  provide personalised training courses at your premises, tailored to your specific requirements. As such, we are able to adapt a training program to suit your schedule. Get in touch to know more.

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