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Local Competence
You need a consulting team that speaks your language and understands the context in which you operate. While remote consulting, off-shore services and video-conferencing with foreign experts certainly have their value in some global projects, we believe in local presence.

We have a local, Singapore based consulting team that will work together with you side-by-side to implement your IT solution. Working with a local team that really understand the specific challenges of operating in Singapore is specifically important to address issues of change management and local user buy-in.

And because of our extensive experience of rolling out ERP solutions across Asia, we have an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements, cultural differences and local challenges in most of the other countries in Asia as well.

Industry Expertise

If you are working in the maritime industry and provide offshore support solutions for Oil & Gas companies, you do not want to work with consultants that only have experience developing solutions for banks or hospitals. You want your consultants to understand your industry, your specific challenges and your unique business requirements.

We help companies in manufacturing and distribution with business transformation and business process improvements. We appoint consultants for a project not only based on technical competence, but also based on their respective consulting experience in your industry.

Our consultants understand your specific industry, speak your language, and leverage on our internal industry solution knowledge database to provide proven results.

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Best Business Practices
Best Business Practices

As companies grow, business processes need to change. What worked for a small company with 10 employees may no longer work for a mid-sized enterprise with regional presence. Implementing an integrated ERP solution is an opportunity to review existing business processes and challenge the status quo.

Our approach for IT solutions consulting is based on implementing best business practices. Instead of just automating your existing operations, we will help you re-design your processes with globally accepted best business practices. We help you streamline your operations, eliminate redundant steps and simplify your processes.

Project Control

As you embark on a business transformation exercise, you want to make sure the project will be executed on time and on budget. Project overruns are costly, and affect the productivity of your organization, as your team members are busy with both, project work as well as daily operations.

Our project methodology and implementation approach is based on stringent project control. Clear milestones and deliverables, continuous project communication between all relevant parties regular update meetings ensure that the project stays on track at all times.

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