The chemicals industry faces unique challenges, specifically in the area of regulatory requirements, safety issues and batch traceability. Therefore solutions require integrity of all functions in the value chain like R&D for product innovation, supply chain including manufacturing, planning, logistics, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and procurement.

Axxis Consulting can help you increase your competitive advantage and integrate all departments to compete in the global market place.

You can reduce risk to sustain, enhance and expand your business confidently by using state-of-the art business solutions, provided with fit-to-business solutions designed by Axxis Consulting. These solutions can assist you fully utilise your asset, increase performance, fulfil customer demands and boost profitability, protect brand reputation, and generate new revenue streams. Axxis Consulting is your ideal consulting partner for your chemical firm to help you stay ahead of intense competition.

SAP Chemical Industry Singapore

SAP Systems Meeting the Specific Needs of different Industries

We can help you:

  • Synchronize manufacturing, supply chain, and business development; accelerate supply chain decisions with real-time operational reporting
  • Balance supply and demand with integrated, flexible planning processes
  • Proactively and holistically manage environment, health, and safety compliance
  • Improve risk management with real-time visibility across processes and departments
  • Improved return on capital employed, and optimized assets performance and utilization

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