Axxis Consulting is a technology firm providing cost-efficient, leading edge business solutions based on SAP and Oracle Software. Axxis Consulting was founded to bring together veterans in SAP and Oracle consulting and is an official SAP Partner as well as a recognised Oracle Partner. With the Head Office located in Singapore, the team of Axxis Consulting has been supporting SAP and Oracle clients in the Asia Pacific region since 1997.

Members of the Axxis Consulting team were pioneering the concept of SAP All-In-One applications, and have since helped many of our clients successfully deploy SAP and Oracle products in Asia Pacific. We have also helped some clients in the US and Europe successfully rollout their SAP solutions to their regional offices in Asia.

By bringing together the packaged solution capability for various industries and in-depth knowledge of both SAP and Oracle, the team at Axxis Consulting is  able to help you not only decide which solution may be a better fit for your organization, but also help you implement and support whatever solution you choose.


We help companies to deploy latest edge technology solutions based on SAP and Oracle Software. As a result, we provide you with the tools to run your business in a fully integrated fashion, simpler, faster and with more insight than ever before.

We help Companies Run Better. We are Axxis Consulting.



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