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Singapore is often recognized for having some of the best public spaces in the world.  From East Coast Park to the Botanical Gardens, we sure are lucky to have such wonderful places to spend time with our friends and family.  But, have you ever wondered what, or who keeps these spaces looking so great?  The answer is :  SH Integrated Services.


Company Profile

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
SH Integrated Services is a full-fledged building contractor in Singapore that specializes in integrated building services.  These include Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Systems, Water Supply and Sanitary Systems, Building Works and Lightning Protection Systems. As one of the local industry leaders, SH Integrated Services has a strong portfolio of customers including Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), National Heritage Board (NHB), People’s Association (PA), National Parks Board (NParks), Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES), Jurong Island and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A-Star).  These customers rely on SH Integrated Services to attend to any breakdown cases and perform preventive maintenance to keep their facilities in top shape.


Business Challenge

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

SH Integrated Services’ field service teams travel from location to location throughout Singapore to attend to a wide range and high volume of service cases for their customers.  The more than 10 teams receive their assigned jobs from administrative staff, located at their main office in Kaki Bukit Place.  The service teams frequently need to stay in touch with the administrative teams as they not only attend to scheduled service cases but also attend to breakdown cases that are reported throughout the day.   The service teams need to ensure that they respond promptly to these cases as they are held to Service Level Agreements with their customers to ensure timely service delivery.

The administrative staff, on the other hand, receive a high volume of customer service requests from multiple contact channels such as phone call, e-mail and WhatsApp. They are then charged with coordinating and doing resource planning to assign the service teams to these cases.  Throughout this whole process, information used to be scattered across various channels, making it very difficult to gather the full context of each service case.  This required a huge effort and a range of follow-up actions to determine the context of each case, thus relying highly on a single employee to coordinate each case.  Additonally, the administrative teams could easily spend hours daily to create customized Excel reports to be submitted to each client.

Dealing with large volume of cases daily, SH Integrated Services recognized the needs to enhance their service delivery from both field service teams and administrative staff to:

  • Provide a single source of reference, not only for each case but also at the customer level
  • Allow for efficient internal and external collaboration and communication
  • Automate administrative operations
  • Provide real-time service status updates with highly mobile operations


The Solution- SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer



Aligning with SH Integrated Services’ strategy to digitalize their field service operations, Axxis Consulting came in to understand the needs and conventional practices at SH Integrated Services.  Axxis held requirements gathering workshop running through on-the-job scenarios and industry best practices to determine the best way to meet SH’s unique needs. Axxis Consulting engaged closely with the key users and delivered the end-to-end SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution (including Cloud for Service and Cloud for Sales) in less than 4 months.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that runs on the cloud with a wide range of functionalities from Sales to Service. It is the perfect solution for a company of any size, from SME to MNC.  The solution functions on a subscription basis, is managed by SAP in the cloud with minimal IT resources required.  It is always evolving with new features released automatically on quarterly basis. The solution is made up of two modules, Cloud for Service and Cloud for Sales, which can be implemented independently or as an end-to-end solution.  Cloud for Service includes features that allow companies to improve the customer experience and the quality of service delivery, while Cloud for Sales covers the full sales cycle allowing companies to improve their entire sales process to increase revenue and win more deals.


How did SH Integrated save SGD 15,000 with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer?

In order to better understand how SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) works for SH Integrated Services, let’s take a simple example:  a breakdown case.  Let’s imagine that a parks officer in charge of the maintenance activities at East Coast Park wants to report that a stretch of lampposts isn’t working properly.  The parks officer decides to send an e-mail to SH Integrated Services to inform them.  Once this e-mail is received, it will automatically generate a Ticket within C4C, which will be routed to the administrative staff responsible for this case who will receive an e-mail notification.  This Ticket will be automatically tagged to a Contract that determines the Service Level Agreement for this case, which will indicate within the Ticket how long SH has to respond to this case, as well as when the completion is due.  Throughout the whole service process, this Ticket will serve as a single point of reference for all of the activities and interactions for this particular service request.

The administrative staff will then use C4C to check the availability of and assign the Ticket to a service team, who will receive a notification on their mobile devices.  The service team can change the status of the Ticket to notify the administrative staff that it has been acknowledged and that they are in the way.  The administrative staff can then send an e-mail response to the parks officer, informing him that the team is on their way.  Once they are on site, the service team can add notes to the Ticket as well as attach pictures showing the work progression.  Once they set the Ticket as complete, the administrative staff will receive a notification.  The administrative staff can then generate a report that includes the services rendered, pricing, as well as before and after pictures within seconds, and e-mail it back to the parks officer.  Did I mention all of this is done without ever leaving C4C?

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SH Integrated Services is now able to:

  • View and manage contact, quotation, contract and service history of customers with a single, integrated source of reference
  • Assign and track the progress of service delivery in real-time on desktop and mobile
  • Access to the intuitive system and all of their data regardless of time and location
  • Tag relevant images of work progress (one of the key requirements) and signature to each particularly case
  • Generate reports to be submitted to customers automatically
  • Perform after-service follow-up closely
  • Share information between on-the-go teams and office teams efficiently
  • Report overall service performance with real-time analytics to the management team

SH Integrated Services quickly adopted the solution in their daily operation once the system went live and has been actively benefiting from the cloud solution.  Axxis Consulting now have a happy customer who continues to explore every possibility of the solution!

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