SAP Business One Modules

SAP Business One is a completely integrated solution covering all aspects of your business in a single, scalable system. Within the software there are a number of modules to address specific business needs and departmental requirements.


SAP Business One handles all your financial transactions. It includes general ledger, journal entries, budgeting, project cost accounting multi-currency support and many other functions. Completely integrated into sales, distribution and purchasing, the finance module allows for automated accounting entries, and avoids costly errors, reconciliation efforts and redundancy.

SAP B1 – Go beyond your existing Accounting Software

Features Benefits
Accounting -Manage all key accounting processes, such as accounts receivables, payables and journal entries No more double entries – An integrated solution enables you to enter data only once – eliminating double entry efforts and reduce errors
Cost Controlling – Manage your cash flow, track your budget and compare planned and actual figures for your cost centers Faster month-end closing – Processes within the system are automated, allowing you to access accurate and real-time information
Banking & Reconciliation – Easily process all reconciliations, your bank statements and payments Make better business decisions – Access all relevant data at your fingertips, in real-time across the enterprise. With SAP Business One, you have a unified view of all transactions across the company, enabling you to make better decisions.
Financial reporting and analysis –  Create a wide range of standard or customised financial reports from real-time data – when you need it, where you need it.
Features Benefits
Demand Prediction – Help you predict demand based on forecast, allows you to adjust material planning accordingly Cost Reduction – Considering minimum quantities and order multiples, you automate the procurement process and reduce cost
Detailed Recommendation Report – produce quickly a detailed recommendation report after creating planning scenarios in five simple steps. End-to-end process of product visibility – SAP allows you to easier monitor each and every stage of product supply chain from order entry through manufacturing, fitting, alterations and on to delivery
Simple order planning for production – Choose the recommended production orders for automation based on recommendation report Making better business decision – Better time management can be achieved with high level of data accuracy on all aspects of the sales process
Quicker detailed report creation – Make detailed reports quicker and easier from the pre-defined report templates Decreasing Stock levels – You can reduce safety stock and consolidate multiple requirements for the same item into one PO.
   Decreasing errors Production scheduling effectiveness will improve based on more accurate data

SAP Business One MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) allows you to define a planning scenario in five easy steps and then predict demand based on its forecasts. This sophisticated module ensures that your company can fulfil demand resulting in order to increase and enhance customers’ satisfaction. Whether you purchase your inventory in or you manufacture it, the SAP Business One MRP module can handle it.


SAP Business One Sales module features extensive functionality across the entire sales process, from creating quotations, to invoicing, document drafts and printing. It allows you to view key sales analysis through interactive dashboards and will handle all sales documentation – as well as calculating gross profit for every quotation created.

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Features Benefits
Automating function – Allow you simplify the quotation issuing process Simplifying sales order entry – Controlling stock data across multiple warehouses helps you simplify sales order entry
Reserve items – The integrated nature of SAP Business One enables automatic reservation of inventory upon order receipt and notifies the warehouse accordingly of the delivery date, thus reducing out-of-stock situations and improving customer satisfaction. Easier generate required documents – All relevant documentation – from quotation, sales confirmation, packaging, delivery and invoicing, is generated easily
Automating invoices – Enable faster payment transaction and allow for better investment planning Better way for returns management – Returns documents help you to handle returns in an easier way.
 Summarizes invoices  –  The integrated auto summary wizard allows to to consolidate all of your accounts receivables of one customer into one summarized invoice. Better sales account management – Accounts receivable invoices and credit memos are well managed
Features Benefits
Procurement – Create multiple purchase orders and goods receipts, then link them with purchasing documents. Moreover, returns, expenses and multiple currencies can be well-managed Streamline your procurement process – Eliminate redundant double entries and automate your procurement process – from order to invoicing
Master data management – Conveniently manage detailed data, check account balance, and purchasing analysis, as well as maintain detailed purchasing information Achieve transparency – All your purchasing activities are stored in one central database, bringing full transparency and real-time visibility to your entire business process
Warehouse and accounting integration – Keep goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels in sync at all times. Plan material needs, schedule purchases accordingly and process accounts payables as well as credit memos. Reduce cost – Improved purchasing planning, process automation, and effective purchasing decisions help you reduce your procurement cost
Easier, up-to-date reporting – easily generate report with real-time data with various formatting choices to display. Better purchasing process management – Real-time visibilty of all purchasing and inventory related information enables you to make better purchasing decision, based on up-to-the minute data.

SAP Business One’s Purchase Management module allows you to organize your entire purchasing process for the greater outcome by helping you to effectively manage all the activities involved in this process- from purchase order to supplier invoice payment. It also allows you to maintain all of your supplier and item master data centrally and integrate this with all other business transactions – giving you full visibility of the entire purchasing process for the better supply chain management in your company.

Service Management

SAP Business One Service Management provides you with the functionality to maintain excellent customer relations. Service Management provides the tools to efficiently run your businesses service, sales and contract management. The module allows you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your service representatives, and provides you with real-time access to all service relevant information.

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Features Benefits
Central knowledge databasea – Easily access previous problems and key solutions stored in the system Increased customer satisfaction – Immediate access to all relevant data improves the response time to customer service requests. Together with on-line access to problem-solving information, you can improve your customer satisfaction and increases customer retention.
Cost Management – Ensure that contractual terms are executed accurately and on time by a well-managed file of warranty and service contracts, reducing your operational cost.  Improve efficiency and productivity – Automate business processes such as contract management and service management, and reduce manual entries to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
Service reports and analysis – Create detailed reports that help your service and operations team plan better, and translate real-time information access into actionable insight. Faster and better business decisions – All relevant data of all your sales and service processes is always on hand, enabling you to make better and faster business decisions.
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