Designed for Small Businesses

SAP Business One from Axxis Consulting is pre-configured for Singapore, and designed for your small or mid-sized business. As Top Partner in Singapore, we provide comprehensive solutions around the SAP Business One software – on premise or in the cloud. Built to meet the needs of small companies, SAP Business One helps you manage the business across many areas, from financial services, sales, service, customers and operations.

By automating and integrating all business processes, SAP Business One helps you get a clearer picture of how all aspects of your business. Real time updates on critical information gives you greater control over your business, allowing you to respond quickly and appropriately to market conditions.


Take a look and see how SAP Business One can help your business become a best-run business.
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Convinced that SAP Business One can help you? Learn just how powerful and effective SAP Business One is.

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With a fully integrated solution for book-keeping, accounting and financial planning, see how SAP Business One helps you to be in control of your accounts.

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See how SAP Business One can help you manage customer contacts, track sales opportunities and provide support to build lasting customer relationship.

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Hosted and maintained by experts, the affordable SAP Business One on Cloud option lets you focus more on innovation and less on IT.

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Suitable for 1 to 5 users, the SAP B1 Starterpack is the most cost-effective solution to increase productivity for start-ups and small businesses.


What our customers say

“Axxis Consulting helped us to reduce our response time to our customers with accurate delivery information from up to two days previously to mere minutes. We have implemented best business practices and significantly reduced unnecessary admin work.”

Gunananthan N. CFO, Tricklestar March 21, 2017

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CloudOne: SAP Business One on Cloud

CloudOne is the perfect choice for companies upgrading from their current accounting software to an integrated ERP solution. Starting with only 1 user, even start-ups can now benefit from an integrated SAP solution that  includes functionality in all key areas – Procurement, Inventory, Sales and Distribution, Finance and Cash Management.

In addition, full Customer Relationship Management functionality is part of the solution, allowing you to capture leads, follow up on opportunities and help you to convert prospects into profitable customers.

CloudOne is particularly suited to companies in wholesale distribution, retail and service industries and the ideal choice for companies looking for an SAP ERP solution for a small business.And – because SAP Business One is scaleable and can support hundreds of users – you can just add more users as you grow.

The best part: CloudOne starts from just S$80 per user/month!

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