"Thanks to SAP Business One, our admin team is now able to leave the office by 3:30 pm. and our response time to customers went from about 2 days to mere minutes"

Gunananthan, CFO, TrickleStar

SAP Business One:

Full Cloud ERP solution for SMEs in Singapore

Manpower has been a major concern for SMEs. Talents are hard to come by. Bosses work long hours. Growth is tough without help. But not anymore. Based on studies by US Census Bureau, technology will replace 50% of all jobs in the world by 2020.

At least half of your businesses processes can be automated. And SAP Business One does exactly that. Our government knows, which is why grants such as PIC, CDG have been provided to encourage you to use technology to stay competitive.

It is no secret.  MNCs have been using automation to scale & grow. However, due to technology becoming cheaper in recent years, ERP for SMEs is now available.

Starting from just $150 per user / month!

Test the software for free, and go live in days.  The opportunity to grow is unlike anything you have seen in history.

You may have gotten a IT solution before and it became a white elephant, sitting there collecting dust. Not SAP Business one. Watch the demo to believe how easy it is to use it. Finally, you can focus on doing your best work.

SAP Business One is suitable if:
  • Your profit margins are being squeezed in your industry due to competitors
  • Your company is growing or you plan to grow it
  • You are still using excel spreadsheets or legacy software to manually key in data and retrieve reports. 

View comprehensive video demo + case study of SAP business one !

12 videos on each module including overview, sales crm, marketing, accounting, inventory, production from 5 to 20 minutes each. Bonus:Local Case study

Users of SAP Business One experience:

Increase in sales due to faster order fulfillment

Lower business costs due to visibility into financial expenses

Less manpower wastage due to automation of data entry, reconciliation, reporting etc

Total control of everything in the business with realtime report updates

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