Charity SAP Business One

Integrate All Aspects Of Your Non-Profit Organisation Into A Single Software

B1.Charity is a single, integrated solution used by charities and non-profit organisations in Singapore.

Based on SAP Business One, B1.Charity allows your NPO to control all parts of the organisation and enables real time access to detailed financial information and reports.

Charity and Non profit organisations

Why B1.Charity?

Traditionally charities and NPO use a variety of systems to manage their organisation. Besides accounting packages, a number of spreadsheets and custom built software is used to manage accounts, funds, donors, members, events and all other aspects of a non-profit organisation.

This lack of integration requires additional effort to manage and reconcile all information. Effort, which can be used to help raise funds or provide otherwise needed support within your NPO. B1.Charity allows you to spend your time on the mission and core business of your NPO instead of struggling with spreadsheets. Reports that are required for grant monitoring or fund analysis will be created automatically and free up your team to spend more time on supporting the recipients of your NPO.

Charity ERP solution

Starter Pack – Starting from 5 users

The B1.Charity Starter Pack is ideal for smaller charities and non-profit organisations. Covering the needs of one legal entity, the starter pack contains a 5 user license and includes required implementation services.

The B1.Charity Starter Pack also contains 10 unique reports required for charities and NPO, such as:

  • Demographics report by donors
  • Profit/Loss and balance sheet reports by business units
  • Event management reports
  • Grant monitoring report
  • Fund analysis reports

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What is B1.Charity?

B1.Charity is a fully integrated ERP solution, based on SAP Business One, and comprises of all relevant modules to manage the individual departments of your charity or NPO:

    • Financial Accounting
    • CRM
    • Sales Activities
    • Procurement
    • Activities

In addition, B1.Charity supports all relevant functions required for a charity or non-profit organisation, such as:

    • Donor management
    • Charity event management
    • Funds management
    • Cost accounting with dimensions
    • Restricted and unrestricted fund analysis
    • and much more…

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