What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA combines an in-memory database with application services, high-speed analytics, and flexible data acquisition tools in a single, in-memory platform. This accelerates transactional and analytical processing,  delivers insights with real-time data, and dramatically reduces data footprint and operational cost. 

This new architecture converges database and application platform capabilities
 in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time.

This makes SAP HANA the most suitable platform for building and deploying next-generation, realtime applications and analytics.

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The Power of SAP HANA
  • Real-time Analytics: Insights at your service
    No matter what business you’re in, your success may depend on one thing: Insight. Not just data available through  standardized reports and spreadsheets, but insight gleaned from real-time data across your entire enterprise – data that you can use the very second it’s created to help your business thrive.


  • Experience high-performance data warehousing
    By running your deployed SAP BW component on SAP HANA, you also establish a new paradigm of performance, agility, and simplification. Query performance and data loading is exponentially faster, so complex reports and analysis that took hours or days can be available in minutes – or even seconds.


  • Turbocharge your applications
    SAP HANA powers a growing list of SAP applications, custom-developed solutions, and solutions delivered by an ever-expanding group of independent software vendors. These range from core-process accelerators to planning and optimisation applications like the SAP SOP and SAP BPC applications.


  • Predict customer behaviour and product success in real time
    SAP HANA has the unique mix of functionality to help you transform your business into a real-time enterprise. By taking advantage of high-speed predictive and text analysis of all of your “Big Data,” the second it’s created, you get answers based on information right now.

How to Migrate from SAP ERP to SAP S/4 HANA

The Journey from SAP ERP to S/4 HANA has a 5 steps. Depending on your current SAP installation, you may need to take all or just some of them:

  • Convert to Unicode 
    SAP HANA needs Unicode. Most of the companies that have implemented SAP in the last few years would already be on Unicode. This allows the system to display code pages in multiple languages (e.g. english and chinese). If you are still working with SAP R/3 4.6, then Unicode conversion might be a required step in your journey to S/4 HANA.


  • Clean up custom code and delete data garbage
    Moving to a new database requires effort with respect to data and process verification. If you have been using your SAP system for a long time, you may have created quite a bit of custom code that may no longer be necessary. Verify if existing reports are still required and delete / archive data which is no longer needed. The leaner your system, the less work is required for the database migration to S/4 HANA


  • Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 7
    You need SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Pack 7 installed to migrate to SAP HANA. This enables customers to combine transactional and analytical processes, access ERP data from analytical SAP Fiori applications in real time, accelerate MRP runs, and meet the requirements for SAP Simple Finance. This is also the ideal basis if you want to subsequently utilise SAP Simple Logistics.


  • Database Migration 
    A migration to SAP HANA follows the same pattern as other database migrations: Preparation, actual migration, and post processing  with subsequent technical activities and checks. Test migrations may need to be done a few times to keep actual system downtime to a minimum. You also need to ensure that testing is done comprehensively to avoid any potential business interruptions.


  • Import S/4 Innovation (i.e. Simple Finance)
    Simple Finance is reduces aggregates and provides a fantastic user interface for finance users. Functionality such as new cash management features provide better insight into business operations. Simple Finance is also a prerequisite for customers primarily interested in the latest S/4 innovation – Simple Logistics.

The Road to SAP S/4 HANA

Digital transformation is at the core of todays’ business innovations. Customer expectations are skyrocketing, and companies must continually adapt to changing demand to survive and thrive in today’s economy. This requires the use of big data, and the ability to tap into the wealth of information collected at all points of your organization. It also requires the capability to handle large amounts of data and to react in real-time, something SAP HANA was designed to address.

There are a two options for companies to embark on S/4 HANA

  • SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise
    With a traditional licensing model, S/4 HANA on premise enables the customer to retain full control over the speed of innovation.  This approach allows to address highly individualised requirements regarding business processes and customisation. Companies that currently use the full ERP scope of SAP applications would continue on this path. This model is also the preferred option for companies that require core modifications, as such modifications are not possible in the cloud approach


  • SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Edition
    Companies that currently do not have an SAP system, or are considering a re-implementation of their current solution based on SAP’s best practices, should consider the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Edition. In this approach, SAP provides the system and is responsible for the system maintenance. The customer will automatically participate on quarterly innovation upgrades, however due to the nature of a cloud solution only limited specialisation and customisation is possible. Licensing for S/4 HANA is on subscription basis.



The Roadmap to get from where you are now to where you need to go, in order to maximize benefits will vary according to different business and IT drivers. For example, you may already be on Suite on HANA, a Hybrid Scenario, a new SAP customer, or you may have a mature SAP landscape. You may want to roll out SAP S/4HANA as quickly as possible, try it in a specific geography or business unit, or implement Central Finance as a Shared Service Center. In those cases you may want to consider implementing SAP S/4HANA in Premise or in the cloud. There are many options, and we can help you identify the business benefits and plan your roadmap.

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