Successful trading business requires all activities including finance, supply chain, inventory management, and trading processes to be in sync. In addition, to compete in a global marketplace, you need to build strong supplier and customer relationships.

In the trading industry managing cost matters, and how you manage your network of suppliers and customers has a major impact on your costs. With the right tools, you can gain more control over your logistical chain, from procurement through to contract management.

Your business can grow rapidly with better inventory and forecast visibility, predicitive analysis and improved customer relationship management. We have worked with numerous trading companies in Singapore, and we can help you gain better business insight, improve operations and reduce business ambiguity.

SAP Trading

SAP Systems Meeting the Specific Needs of different Industries

We can help you to:

  • Streamline your trading businesses with a fully integrated Trading, Inventory & Finance Solution
  • Boost up your finance department’s efficiency
  • Get in-depth profitability analysis and consumption patterns through built-in analytics
  • Drive innovation and increase customer satisfaction with greater customer insights
  • Reduce inventory costs, enable real time inventory tracking, and increase reporting accuracy

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