Engineering & Construction

Affected by the financial crisis, followed by economic recession, engineering and construction are facing a slowdown period, hence, competition becomes more intense. However, as long as the population and economy grows, engineering and construction has huge potential in the future economy.

Risk, capital and technological management in engineering and construction firm becomes a big challenge for this industry. You need fully integrated ERP software to manage projects from bidding to completion, that can help you streamline your business, maximize profit margin and minimize waste.

Even in a fast-paced growing industry and volatile and unpredictable business environment, you can improve your project margin, and reduce margin variance with better insight into business information and real-time visibility of your operations.

SAP Engineering, SAP Construction Industry

SAP Systems Meeting the Specific Needs of different Industries

Our solutions help you to:

  • Decrease unexpected project cost over-runs
  • Make faster, better decisions with access to real-time insights
  • Maximize labour and equipment productivity
  • Accelerate processing and monetization of project scope changes
  • Gain better project cash position and liquidity and decrease number of days revenue outstanding

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