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AXXIS Consulting has worked with companies spanning a wide range of industries, building up a knowledge base of the best practices in these industries. With SAP systems targeted at meeting the specific needs of different industries, AXXIS is able to help you select and set-up the best solutions to improve your business practices.


With almost 90% of trade around the world carried by ships, it is no wonder the maritime industry remains a vital part of commerce.

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Risk, financial and supply-chain management for projects is the big challenge for engineering and construction firms.

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In the trading industry managing cost matters, and how you manage your network of suppliers and customers has a major impact on your costs.

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Manufacturers attempting to embrace the opportunities of globalization are facing difficult challenges manifested by ever-changing business networks.

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Chemical industry challenges include high level of uncertainty, regulatory and complex process. Solutions requires integrity of all functions in the value chain.

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We enable you to harness the power of cloud solutions, real-time analytics and mobility to empower your people and drive your growth.

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SAP for chemical industry

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are all based on the latest available SAP Standard software, and can therefore easily adapt to new requirements.

Target Aproach

We have worked with numerous companies in the industries we service, and built this extensive industry experience into our pre-configured solutions.

Global Development

Our solutions are based on globally accepted best business practices. You are not just getting software, but a proven solution to run your business faster.

Improve your business practices with AXXIS

Axxis Fast Track Solutions

Fast Track Solutions

Mid-sized companies have high expectations on ERP solutions. A suitable solution not only has to meet all industry-specific requirements, but also the mostly lower budget constraints of an SME. To provide a comprehensive, industry specific ERP solution at a lower cost, we have developed our Fast Track Solutions. Those are pre-configured SAP solutions based on SAP All-In-One, incorporating best business practices and our extensive implementation experience in Singapore and Asia.

Fast Track Solutions from Axxis cover all business processes – from Accounting, Sales, and Procurement to Production, Profitability and Controlling. In addition, industry specific requirements are built in (e.g. comprehensive batch management and quality control processes for chemical companies, or WIP calculation and milestone billing for construction companies).

Fast Track Solutions from Axxis are a complete, proven, and cost-efficient solution to help you run your business better.

Your advantage
  • Fixed Price – Once we have identified the fit/gap of your requirements to our Fast Track Solutions, you will receive a fixed-price proposal for a complete solution, covering software license, implementation and training.
  • All-inclusive – Your complete cost for the implementation is known before you start the project. Our comprehensive proposal includes everything for a successful implementation: extensive consulting services, software installation and configuration, training, data migration and initial support.
  • Deploy as you want – All our Fast Track solutions can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. We will discuss with you the options, and together determine the best deployment solution for your specific environment.
  • Unlimited Scalability – Our Fast Track Solutions are completely future proof. No matter how large your business grows, which countries you decide to operate in or how much you diversify your business operations, our SAP All-In-One solutions will cater for all your changing requirements. After all, our Fast Track Solutions are built on the same software that runs most of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Local Support – With our Fast Track solutions built on SAP’s All-In-One Software you get the best of both worlds: Global best business practices, the most advanced business software in the world, and a local implementation and support team that understands the unique situation of companies operating in Singapore and Asia.
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