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SAP Business One is a very affordable solution for Small Enterprises. Once you need more than just a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your accounts and inventory information, it is time to give SAP Business One a closer look.

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Did you know that you can have an SAP ERP system for your company for as little as $150 per user/month? Our SAP Business One solutions are ideal for small and mid-sized companies that don’t have an IT department, do not want a complex system, but required more than just a simple accounting solution. SAP Business One comes with in-built CRM to capture and follow up on leads, Mobility to access information from anywhere, at any time, and comprehensive supply chain management functionality. Better yet, the systems are pre-configured to reduce implementation time, effort and cost and are hosted in the cloud to further reduce complexity.

SAP Business One is available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-solution. Depending on the scope, a standard SAP Business One on-premise project can start at $30,000 for five users, including licensing and implementation. With the starter package, a project can start at $15,000 – or even less. And with our on-demand option, pricing starts at just $150 per user per month, hosted in the cloud, with no additional IT cost to worry about!

If you have less then 5 users and are interested in a very cost-efficient standard solution, explore our SAP Business One Starterpackage. The SAP Business One Starterpackage allows you to go live in days instead of weeks, and provides you with the lowest possible cost for deploying an SAP Solution in your company.

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SAP Business One is designed for small enterprises. As it takes only 2-8 weeks to implement SAP Business One, your ROI can be significant. Use our Online Calculator to estimate the price of your SAP Business One Solution, and benefit from timely access to relevant information across your organization.

And if you do not want the hassle of an on-premise solution, explore the possibility of SAP Business One in the cloud. No upfront investments, a low monthly commitment fee and access to your ERP solution wherever you and your web-browser are – the SAP Business One Cloud Solution from Axxis is the most flexible way to run your business better.

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When budgeting for your business management software, how you choose to deploy will impact the pricing options available to you. There are five key areas to consider:

  • Deployment Model: With our standard and starter package deployments, you pay up front – with our option, you pay a flat subscription feeSoftware
  • Licensing: Fees depend on the number of users and the type of access required
  • Implementation: Cost will vary according to your business requirements
  • Hardware: Depending on your current hardware, you may need to budget for upgrades. With on-demand, it’s part of the package
  • Maintenance: General maintenance costs, upgrades, new releases, support services, etc.

Once you have decided to equip your company with an integrated ERP solution such as SAP Business One, the complexity of the initial implementation and the duration associated with the project will impact the implementation cost. Some of those deciding factors are:

  • Scope of implementation (Accounting, Sales, Inventory, Production, etc.)
  • Extent of configuration and customization requirements of SAP Business One to meet your specific business needs
  • Data migration from your legacy system to SAP Business One
  • Integration of existing solutions
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer to your team

SAP Business One is scalable and will grow with your business. And the cost of maintenance is comparatively small: with less then half a day of support maintenance requirements per user and year in average, the cost of supporting your ERP solution is significantly lower than comparative solutions.

The reason for this lower cost of maintenance is two-fold: SAP Business One has a broader range of in-built product features which are delivered as standard functionality. And SAP Business One is easy to adapt to changing business requirements.

The yearly maintenance cost for SAP Business One is about 20% of the license cost, and ensures you receive the latest upgrades, new functionalities, a qualified hotline and bug fixes. This provides business continuity, secures your business investment and provides a solid foundation for the continuous growth of your organization.

SAP Financing is an ideal solution to enable small and mid-sized enterprises to take advantage of a complete ERP solution offered by SAP Business One. With our financing partners we can cover all the cost included in the initial implementation of the software, such as software and hardware, implementation and training cost, as well as other potential costs associated with the initial deployment of SAP Business One

Advantages of Financing:

  • Fixed monthly cost that covers all aspects of the ERP implementation
  • Free up cash-flow for other strategic investments and your operations
  • Payment plans which are tailored to your specific situation
  • Better control of budget and financial expenses without upfront payment

There are various ways to identify the return on your investment in SAP Business One. If you can quantify specific targets associated with your planned ERP implementation, you can then measure such targets against the improvement achieved through the implementation of SAP Business One (e.g. reduce number of errors during invoice processing, reduce effort required for month-end closing, etc.)

Typical Benefits that can be seen as a result of an implementation of SAP Business One are:

  • Productivity: Automation and improved business processes allow you to get more things done in less time
  • Visibility: Real-time visibility into all your business operations enable faster and better decision making
  • Increase Revenue: Through effective use of the CRM module you are able to better identify opportunities and increase revenue per customer
  • Profitability: Integrated costing and real-time calculation of profit margin allows you to optimize your profit margins

On-Premise options

  • Service company with a turnover of around 2 million SGD
  • 4 users
  • Simple configuration without complex data conversion
  • Implementation in about 1 week
  • Estimated Cost for Implementation and Licence: 15,000 – 25,000 SGD

  • Distribution company with a turnover of around 10 million SGD
  • 8 users for Finance, Procurement, Sales, Inventory and CRM
  • Some user-specific reports and output forms, simple interface to external system
  • Implementation in about 4-5 weeks
  • Estimated Cost for Implementation and License: appx SGD 50,000 – 75,000 SGD

  • Production company with a turnover of around 20 million SGD
  • 20 users across all modules
  • Configuration for company specific adjustments
  • Data migration from legacy solution
  • Connection to Microsoft Outlook
  • Interfaces to existing add-on systems
  • Longer implementation time frame of about 3 months
  • Estimated Cost for Implementation and License: appx SGD 100,000 – 150,000

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Cloud Options

Starter V2

SAP Business One Free Trial Other Options


  • Financials and Accounting
  • Cost Control
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Reports

SAP Business One Free Trial Other Options


  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Approval Workflows
  • Blanket Agreements
  • Pick and Pack
  • Bin Locations
  • Pre-built Dashboards



SAP Business One Free Trial Other Options


  • Everything in Enterprise, plus:
  • In-Memory Storage for faster Insight to Action
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Enterprise “Google-like” Search
  • Ad-hoc interactive analysis
  • Pervasive Analytics KPI
  • Advanced cash-flow forecasting

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