What is CRM, and Why do You Need a CRM System ?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is now the standard for the most successful companies. A sophisticated CRM system integrates web-based and software solutions with existing organizational operations to produce the best results. Source :- .global-visiontech.com A CRM system integrates the following areas of the business: Sales and Marketing Customer Service Technical Support Quality Control and Performance […]

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Singapore and the Productivity Gap

In 2013, the GDP in Germany per hour worked was 57.36 USD, making Germany the 7th most productive country in the OECD. At the same time, Singapore’s productivity was at 41.46 USD[1]. On the other side, Singapore has had the highest average total GDP growth rate among all the developed countries. Between 2007 and 2011, […]

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Beyond the Borders

Singapore is an expensive place for doing business. Not only is the cost of labour significantly higher than in the surrounding South-East Asian nations, but also space is a scarce commodity. Rental prices for industrial property in Singapore has risen in average over 18% annually over the last 4 years and – due to limited […]

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